Hershman, Fallstrom & Crowley, Inc. was founded in 1991 to address a special need in Central Massachusetts in the practice of tax law.  While many local law firms and accounting firms have tax departments or broadly specialize in tax planning, clients call upon Hershman, Fallstrom & Crowley for our special knowledge of the tax controversy process and our superior relationships with the Internal Revenue Service and Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

Hershman, Fallstrom & Crowley’s clients are individuals and closely held businesses with substantial income tax liabilities, facing civil and criminal tax audits, payroll tax assessments, including the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty and sales and use tax assessments, including interest and penalty charges.

Hershman, Fallstrom & Crowley is familiar with the policies and procedures of both the Internal Revenue Service and Massachusetts Department of Revenue and has successfully solved our client’s tax problems by obtaining Settlement Agreements, Payment Agreements, Offers-in Compromise, Abatement of Interest and Penalties and Subordination and Discharge of Tax Liens.  In addition, Hershman, Fallstrom & Crowley is uniquely qualified to counsel and represent clients in a financially distressed position and in bankruptcy proceedings to develop strategies to minimize income from discharge of indebtedness, including pre-petition and post-petition tax filings, to secure the discharge of certain tax liabilities as well as protection from Summons, Tax Levies and Seizures.

Hershman, Fallstrom & Crowley also counsel and represent clients who have failed to file prior year tax returns as well as implementing tax strategies and maintaining tax compliance by utilizing the latest in tax preparation computer software and participation in the Internal Revenue Service and Massachusetts Department of Revenue Electronic Filing programs.  Our tax compliance practice is aimed at minimizing our clients’  tax liabilities without compromising the ethical principals that are essential to the integrity of the tax system.

Hershman, Fallstrom & Crowley has earned a reputation among our clients for mastering the complex and ever changing tax laws and for finding well conceived and innovative solutions to tax problems.  At the same time, we have earned the trust and respect of the taxing authorities- a benefit to our clients who are filing tax returns or trying to resolve tax controversies.

Hershman, Fallstrom & Crowley is a “one of a kind” tax firm, a trendsetter in the tax controversy practice, maintaining high professional standards and an excellent reputation with the Internal Revenue Service and Massachusetts Department of Revenue.  Around this core of expertise, our clients are able to regain control of their lives.

For further information, contact Hershman, Fallstrom & Crowley at or 508.754.0800.